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Learn how to lift your team with the power of corporate meditation

We all spend at least a third of our day at work, so we all deserve to make it a fulfilling experience. But the pressures of modern work life contribute the more than their share to stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and much more. Not only is this no way to work, it’s no way to live.

With the Corporate Meditation Instructor Course, you’ll discover how to boost your team’s focus, memory, creativity, energy, and overall wellbeing by leading your own group workplace meditation sessions.

Created For Business

Created For Business

No mantras or incense. Just tangible results.



Learn to develop, build, and sustain your meditation sessions.

Effective Syllabus

Effective Syllabus

Backed by scientific research and evidence.

Practical Training

Practical Training

With guidance by expert practitioners.

The Course

Group meditation

Group meditation in auditorium

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Corporate Meditation Instructor Course

The course is designed to develop you into a workplace group meditation leader. The program provides all the fundamentals you need to lead your own group meditation sessions at your business–or anywhere.

Through five core modules of the course and three 15-hour practical exercises, you’ll emerge as a certified Corporate Meditation Instructor. The course can be completed at any pace you like. We expect most people to complete it in six months, but particularly eager students can complete it in as short as twelve weeks.

Every part of the course has been designed by experienced meditation and mindfulness teachers, with years of experience unlocking the creativity, focus, and overall wellbeing of all kinds of businesses.

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Our Process


Fundamentals and goals of practice

The clarity of intention, what’s required and the commencement of the first journal of meditation practice.


The science, benefits and work environment

Understanding how meditation is good for both people and business bottom lines. An insight into the science and goals of practice and the exploration of the professional environment.


Lessons plans, facilitation and challenges

Learning the various components of structuring lessons and their facilitation, including challenges commonly faced.


Marketing and long-term strategies

Creating campaigns to attract busy employees, relating with participants, setting expectations and considering long-term strategies.


A sequential path of practical segments, lessons, quizzes and assignments to capably:

  • Facilitate meditation sessions at work
  • Deepen understanding of practice
  • Learn how to make a positive impact in the workplace
  • Create ready-to-go lesson plans that are ready to deliver


At the completion of this program you will:

  • Be ready to instruct and facilitate meditation in the office
  • Instill greater team performance through positive, practical and achievable techniques
  • Implement a framework that is good for both: people & business bottom lines

If you’re inspired to learn, we’ll help you learn to inspire.

The practice of meditation is the single best self-development tool any workplace can incorporate. It’s a truly holistic system–one skill that raises all other skills.

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