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We act on focus so you can focus on action

The Corporate Meditation Instructor (CMI) course was conceived as a way to bring calm, clear, focused, and creative minds to where the world needs it most. At work, we need to be switched on and performing at our best, but the pressures of the day can get to us. When we bring the proven benefits of meditation to the workplace, we improve the wellbeing of businesses and their people alike.

The CMI Course Teachers

With years of experience leading meditation sessions for businesses of all kinds, the teachers of CMI draw on their wealth of practical knowledge to design the program. Their training, guidance, and mentorship serve to make you a confidently effective meditation instructor in any workplace.

Tomas Jajesnica profile image

Tomas Jajesnica

Chief Meditation Officer

Tomas is very driven to fulfil a mission: To make the whole corporate meditation industry redundant in his lifetime. That day will come when employees are calm, focused and clear. Ironically, at this time, it is heading in the opposite direction with mental health being the highest growing medical concern. There’s a lot of work to do.

He believes that profits and meditation are part of the new business economy. Meditation is a productivity tool and a must for maximising success. Out of stillness comes inner calm, clarity, focus and the energy to better accomplish the tasks ahead.

His vision is to empower organisations to become self-sufficient so they can incorporate meditation as part of their operations.

Tomas has taught meditation and participated in speaking engagements in 14 countries (and counting). Since 2013, he has facilitated 1,000+ sessions to over 40,000 professionals in the corporate environment.

He has spent over 10,000 hours in self-practice and accredits meditation as the foundational reason for transforming his life. A jovial character, full of fun and laughter, taking his work seriously, but himself, not so seriously.

Paul Majewski profile image

Paul Majewski

Program Director and Teacher

With over 20 years’ of teaching, Paul is one very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. He is currently a board member of Meditation Australia, the peak body representing meditation teaching in Australia, including setting standards, registering and representing teachers, promoting continuing professional development and ethical conduct.

Paul’s approach is down to earth and practical. Participants are receptive to his style and often comment on how useful they find his teaching. He has sat meditation retreats around the world and is very involved in bringing these practices to the masses; for the greater good.